StratBiz is a young, dynamic company based in Singapore since 2010.  We have close partnerships with Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea and Australia.

We focus on green products that we believe will become relevant for the 21st century customer. Green Tech and Innovation are not just buzz words. They have to be customer-centric and solve problems for the client. As such, we have been introducing to the market products that clean, sanitize or disinfect for industrial use.

Homes are also where we spent most of our time. We have to be surrounded by a clean, nurturing environment in order to be at our best. At Stratbiz, we are very interested in products that enhance our wellbeing.

Offerings such as Cashido Anti-Bacteria Ozone System are brought in from Taiwan to Singapore. They are especially  suited for both air and water purifying. Their popularity has been growing over the years.

Our patented StratGard Sanitizer and Disinfectant Pure Chlorine Dioxide solutions is one of the most effective currently against germs, bacteria and viruses. You can check out more details information in our dedicated website www.stratgard.com

Our newly introduced StratGard BioSubur Ready to Use 100% Organic Liquid Fertilizer is a joint collaboration between PT Indo Berkat and Stratbiz International. Together we are bringing the best fertilizer solution available to improve agricultural production globally. You just need ONLY ONE for nutrients, soil conditioner, natural anti pesticide and fungi. Just spray once a week. Highly economical. For commercial application please write to us for more detailed discussion.

We hope to introduce more products and bring them not only to Singapore, but to the world.

Stay safe and healthy always!

Breaking News: We have just introduce our latest development StratGard BioSubur Organic Liquid Supplement for Livestock. Our aim is to reduce the use of antibiotics significantly in livestock farming with long term hope of totally replacing antibiotics.

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