Cashido – Anti Bacteria Ozone System (Water and Air)

Ozone Mini Sanitizer (Pre-Launch June 2021 in Singapore)

We are please to introduce our latest innovations from Cashido. We have already installed more than 300 units of our anti bacterial ozone water system in foodcourts, hotels, kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, etc. Even use in a durian stall for customers to wash, sanitize and remove the odor. Ozone Mini Air Sanitizer works mostly to sanitizer, remove odor, kills bacterial in the AIR! Fully laboratory tested against bacterial, formaldehyde and nicotine (smoke).

You will have full confidence in our new innovative Air Sanitizer.

More than 300 systems installed in Singapore since 2016 for our Anti Bacterial Ozone Water System (Foodcourt, F&B Central Kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, hotels, commercial building, etc.)

Various Usage

Singapore Expo in December 2016
Test Report

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