Mineral surfaces


After 2.5 months, the clean surface remains spotless with our nanocoating

After 2.5 months, the clean surface remains spotless with our nanocoating

These products are optimised for absorbent surfaces because of their formulation. They can therefore be used as an invisible, water- and contamination-resistant, UV-stable coating of porous substrate surfaces, regardless of whether the surface is a natural stone such as sandstone, concrete, terracotta, clay brick  or stone paneling. Floor or wall coatings, building facades, functional terracotta or roof tiles are all in the scope of application for this product. Since our coatings only apply an ultra-thin coating

on the inside of the pores, the substrates remain breathable after the coating – the perfect structural protection. The majority of the contamination is washed away by the rain.

Every type of porous surface with a mineral-based origin
•    Concrete / Concrete blocks
•    Lime stone / Sandstone
•    Porous granite / marble
•    Roof tiles / clay / Terracotta

•    Strong hydrophobic + oleophobic properties
•    Strong non-stick properties
•    Excellent easy-clean effect regarding deposits of air pollution
•    Food safe (inert)

•    No influence on the appearance of the substrate (Layer thickness: 100-150 nm)
•    Excellent Hydro and Oleophobic properties
•    Solvent-free and odourless
•    Hardening at room temperature. No additional energy or UV light required.
•    Pressure wash-resistant (50 – 60 bar)
•    Excellent efficiency with low quantity consumption
•    No colour infiltration to coated substrates.
•    High temperature-resistance – UV-stable
•    Absolute frost-resistance

•    No contamination can infiltrate the pore-structure through water.
•    Easy cleaning
•    Enduring impregnation enables very high freeze-thaw resistance and no cracking because of ice.
•    very heavy reduction of moss and fungus growth
•    Longer life-spans for substrates because of lowered cleaning cycles.
•    Enduring protection for the surface structure.
•    Weather damage prevention

Simple do-it-yourself application makes it suitable for end-customers as well:
1.    Industrial: Application using standard HVLP systems
2.    Manual: Application by wetting the surface (spraying or dipping)

Unopened original containers can be stored for at least 1 years.

Manual + Industrial: between 30 and 200 ml/m2, depending on absorbency of the substrate

•    Permanence and longevity:
The UV-stability enables a lifetime performance of the coated surface – assuming it is not damaged by abrasion.
Many competitive products like silicon oils or fluorocarbon technologies are slowly destroyed by sunlight
•    (Abrasion resistance)
Negligible on mineral surfaces due to the low abrasion resistance of the substrate.
•    Chemical stability:
The product is resistant to almost all standard household and industrial cleaners (with the exception of concentrated alkaline solution).
Many competitive products do not have this property and must be reapplied.

RRP in Singapore $41

Look at the water! Not seeping into the woods after Nanocoat

Coating on customer backyard wall

Another photo shot of nanocoat

Nanocoating on wall panel


Completed Nano coating on 5 storey building

Another close up view of 5 storey building

Nanocoating on the facade of building

Nanocoating work in progress on building

Our StratNano coating solutions and the spray unit that is used to spray the wall facade

Spray coating on the surface with our Nanocoating solutions

result of coating on the facade wall


Anti Corrosion Project on Lift




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